TG-GC-MS Coupling

Highest resolution in Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)

TG-GC-MS Coupling
NETZSCH, in collaboration with JAS (Joint Analytical Systems), has forged a breakthrough improvement in evolved gas analysis (EGA). What sets the new coupling system apart is the fact that the start of the measurement is event-driven. This enables temperature-correlated detection of the substances released, which in turn allows for direct correlation with mass loss steps.
  • Product CategoryEvolved Gas Analysis (EGA)Evolved Gas Analysis (EGA)
  • Messmethode EGA EGA
  • Messparameter Stability (of chemicals) Stability (of chemicals) Oxidation Oxidation Corrosion Corrosion
  • Temperature Accuracy
  • Purpose GC-MS GC-MS
TG-GC-MS Coupling
TG-GC-MS Coupling

GC is a high-resolution method for separating volatile and semi-volatile compounds. The gas mixtures are separated based on the differences in component distribution between a stationary phase (e.g. inner coating of a capillary) and a mobile phase (purge gas, e.g. helium). Since this gas separation in the GC column takes a certain amount of time – the duration of which depends upon sample characteristics, column flow rate, column length, and stationary and mobile phase – it is not possible to couple directly into the GC with a continuous online sample gas flow. Our solution, therefore, was to develop a direct coupling in a quasi continuous mode by using heated automatic valves, which allows for software-controlled gas sampling (flow-through sampling loop) and gas injection even at short intervals.

  • Unique TG/STA-GC-MS coupling solution with event-controlled or temperature-dependent triggering
  • Perfectly heated gas transfer (300°C) from the TG/STA to the valve box and the injector at the GC
  • Fast and wide-range QMS for analysis of the gas chromatogram
  • Independent application of GC-MS for liquid/gas injection at any time

For GC-MS coupling, we rely on the world-renowned supplier, Agilent, along with our partner, Joint Analytical Systems (JAS). This allows for perfect GC-MS supply and service quality, as we at NETZSCH expect of any entity with which we do business, in order to guarantee optimized performance for our own products.