HFM 436 Lambda - Heat flow meter

Accurate thermal conductivity testing of insulation materials

HFM 436 Lambda - Heat flow meter
With the Heat Flow Meter, HFM 436 Lambda, the thermal conductivity of large-sized, plate-formed insulators is investigated at a fixed or adjustable temperature gradient. The built-in computer – or an externally connected one – delivers the precise measurement data after a short compensation time.    
  • Product CategoryThermal Diffusivity & ConductivityThermal Diffusivity & Conductivity
  • Messmethode HFM HFM
  • Messparameter Thermal conductivity Thermal conductivity
  • Norm ISO 8301 ISO 8301 DIN EN 12667/12939 DIN EN 12667/12939 JIS A 1412 JIS A 1412 ASTM C518 ASTM C518 ASTM C177 ASTM C177 ASTM C335 - 05Ae1 ASTM C335 - 05Ae1 ASTM C1363 - 05 ASTM C1363 - 05 ASTM D5470 - 06 ASTM D5470 - 06 ASTM F433 - 02 (2009) ASTM F433 - 02 (2009) DIN EN 13163 DIN EN 13163 ISO 8302 ISO 8302 ISO 8894-1 (EN 993-14) ISO 8894-1 (EN 993-14) ISO 8894-2 (EN 993-15) ISO 8894-2 (EN 993-15)
  • Temperature Accuracy
  • Gas Atmosphere air air
  • Gas Tight No No
  • Purpose General General
Heat Flow Meter HFM 436 Lambda
Heat Flow Meter HFM 436 Lambda

With the Heat Flow Meter, HFM 436 Lambda, samples measuring 30.5 cm x 30.5 cm or 61 cm x 61 cm and of variable thicknesses ranging from a few millimeters to 10 (20) cm are tested between two heat flux sensors in fixed or adjustable temperature gradients. After a few minutes for the system to reach equilibrium, the built-in computer or external computer determines the thermal conductivity and thermal resistance of the sample.

Automatic plate movement and determination of the sample thickness facilitate test preparation.
The patented plate temperature control system (US-patent No. 5,940,784 (1999)) and dual heat flux sensors quickly provide accurate data.
All test parameters as well as the calibration data are stored in the computer and documented.

Enhanced Capabilities

  • Integrated printer
  • Variable external load
  • Extendable to higher conductiv¬ity materials with the optional instrumentation kit

Determination of thermal conductivity with the Heat Flow Meter, HFM 436 Lambda, meets the industry standards ASTM C518, ISO 8301, JIS A 1412, DIN EN 12939, DIN EN 13163 and DIN EN 12667.

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