K 2016, Düsseldorf, Germany
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NanoTR/PicoTR – Thermoreflectance – The Laser Flash Method for Thin Films

The innovative Thermoreflectance instruments provided by NETZSCH offer state-of-the-art thermophysical properties testing down into the Nanometer range.

NETZSCH DIL402 Expedis Dilatometer


Questions on Polymer Analysis? Meet the Experts@NETZSCH has the Answers

02 Jun 2016 Press Release

Wouldn’t it be great to have someone handy every time you have a tricky question regarding your material characterization? During this live event you will have this opportunity. This July sees the start of a new NETZSCH webinar format called Meet the Experts@NETZSCH.Read more…

NETZSCH is offering a free webinar on rubber thermal analysis

23 Feb 2016 Press Release

NETZSCH is offering a free webinar on "Highly Flexible – Thermal Analysis on Rubbers," on March 3, 2016. Read more…

NETZSCH introduces TGA-FT-IR Database of Polymers

13 Nov 2015 Press Release

The newly developed “TGA-FT-IR Database of Polymers” is a database for integration into OPUS spectra search; it contains more than 129 gas phase spectra of 88 polymers obtained by TGA-FT-IR. Read more…