From fundamental physics to future applications - Simultaneous dynamic-mechanical and dielectric analysis

Elastomeric materials undergo continuous changes in operating and environmental conditions due to natural, thermo-oxidative or mechanical aging processes. They must be replaced after a certain time because they cannot fulfil the required mechanical property profile. The condition for cost efficiency is that the elastomeric material should be used over its entire service life without having to invest in complex and expensive monitoring systems. Ideal in this context would be a so-called "marker", which "reports" the mechanical state of the elastomeric material, in the installed condition, and enables continuous "monitoring". The simplest and smartest monitoring system is usually already present: the reinforcing filler, which can be electrically conductive. Simultaneous dynamic-mechanical and dielectric analysis using the device DiPLEXOR® 500 N opens up new horizons for evaluating the microstructure dynamics of elastomeric materials under mechanical load at molecular level. Only the simultaneous dynamic-mechanical and dielectric measurement techniques reproduces authentic situations from operation modes.

Thursday, June 18 / 9:00 AM - 10:00 AM CEST

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