Fire Testing Device for Roofs TDP-T4

For Determining the Performance of Roofs to External Fire Exposure - Test 4 with Two Stages Incorporating Burning Brands, Wind and Supplementary Radiant Heat according to DIN CEN/TS 1187

Comfortable testing of representative roof structures

The ENV 1187 standard specifies four test methods for determining the fire behavior of roofs against external fire exposure. The TDP-T4 - enables a test according to test method 4. The TDP-T4 test evaluates fire spread on the roof surface. In addition, the test determines whether and how fire penetrates the roof and the extent to which falling, burning materials occur on the rooftop and/or on the underside.

The TDP-T4 allows to test samples substitutional for a complete roof, with dimensions of 840 x 840 mm. The tiltable sample cover also allows testing of special roof pitches specified by the client . A slewing mechanism integrated on the solid steel frame allows the user to easily move the radiant panel from the calibration to the test position.


Two stage testing including wind and radiant heat

Testing is carried out in two stages, the so-called Preliminary Test (Level 1) and the Burn-Through Test (Level 2). The Prelimenary Test determines whether the test sample is ignited by the presence of a simulated incendiary device without being exposed to thermal radiation. In the burn-through test, additional wind and radiant heat, are simulated by the fan and the radiant panel, in order to test the flammability of the roof sample under realistic conditions.

In addition to the duration of the flames, the extent of flame spread, the time and type of roof penetration, and the appearance, dripping and falling of burning or molten material are used to classify the test sample.

Features at a Glance

  • Mobile stainless steel base frame with rails as a receptacle for the movable sample carrier trolley
  • Sample carrier trolley with upward-opening sample cover with integrated observation window 
  • Two solid opposing steel girder constructions with swivel mechanism for the radiant heater panel, 2 lockable positions (calibration position/test position)
  • High-quality radiant heater, consisting of 4 individual square radiant heater elements. Each 300 mm by 300 mm, heat resistant up to 900°C, slewable by 45° and equipped with four ignition electrodes.
  • Burner lance for fire simulation with pressure reducer and gas connection hose
  • Integrated fan to simulate the wind necessary for the T4 test
  • Gas supply to the radiant panel via measuring and control unit
  • Measuring and control unit with intuitive touch display for easy user guidance
  • All compontents can be controlled individually and manually at any time
  • Useful accessories for calibrating the roof fire test stand are integrated in the scope of delivery