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"Thermal Analysis in the Pharmaceutical Field"

Our new Application Book is available now!

The book contains the following 8 chapters on more than 260 pages: 

  • Methods (DSC, TGA, STA and Gas Analysis) 

  • Characterization of amorphous and crystalline phases 

  • Purity 

  • Thermal stability 

  • Oxidative stability 

  • Storage conditions and shelf life 

  • Polymorphism 

  • Compatibility 



Introductory video: What does NETZSCH do in the pharmaceutical field

This book uses a variety of specific application examples to illustrate how the corresponding experiments are to be carried out and what conclusions can be drawn from the results.  

An introduction preceding each topic describes the necessary methods and definitions addressed within and establishes the connection to pharmaceutical issues. Appendices to various chapters provide further information; for example, following the polymorphism chapter, there is a section dealing with the relationship between polymorphism and thermodynamics. 

The handbook is available in English language.

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In Which Application Areas Can Thermal Analysis Help?

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STA 449 F3 Nevio

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DSC 204 F1 Nevio

Precise and Reliable DSC Results for Pharmaceuticals, Foods and Cosmetics by means of the DSC 204 F1 Nevio, the premium differential scanning calorimeter for research and development, material characterization and contract testing.

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Analyzing the Thermal Stability and Composition of Pharmaceuticals, Foods and Cosmetics by means of the TG 209 F1 Nevio ‒ the top-quality thermobalance for research and development.