DSC 214 Polyma

Key Technical Data for the DSC 214 Polyma

Temperature range:-170°C to 600°C
Heating/Cooling rate:0.001 K/min to 500 K/min*
Indium Response Ratio:> 100 mW/K **
Resolution (technical):0.1 μW
Enthalpy precision:0,05%
Specific heat determination:Optional
Temperature modulation:Optional
Cooling device options:
  • Compressed air cooling (RT to 600°C)
  • IC40 (-40°C to 600°C)
  • IC70 (-70°C to 600°C)
  • LN2, automatically controlled (-170°C to 600°C)
Gas atmospheres:
  • inert
  • oxidizing
  • static
  • dynamic
Gas controller: Switches for 3 gases included MFC for 3 gases, option
ASC:Up to 20 samples and references, optional

* Maximum rates depend upon the temperature

** Related to indium as standard material under measurement conditions typically used for polymer investigation (10 mg sample mass, 10 K/min heating rate, nitrogen atmosphere)