NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit App for iPad and iPhone


NETZSCH Instrument Cockpit App connects you to your NETZSCH instruments and allows you remotely, without being in the lab:

  • To see the current state of your instrument (measurement, idle, error);
  • To be informed about actual measurement program, including
    • instrument signals,
    • measurement segment end temperature,
    • actual sample temperature,
    • gases,
    • vacuum,
    • rest time to the measurement end etc.
  • To be notified when the measurement is finished and when the new measurement can be safely started.
  • To select the instruments you want to follow.
  • To request a snapshot (current measurement data) of a running measurement (switched off by default).
  • To stop a measurement in unlikely urgent case (switched off by default).
  • To define security rules and permissions for a snapshot and measurement stop.

Available on App Store