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Dr. Tobias Pflock, Business Field Manager PolymerDr. Tobias Pflock, Business Field Manager Polymer
Alexander Chaloupka, R&D Project Engineer Business Field PolymerAlexander Chaloupka, R&D Project Engineer Business Field Polymer

Live DEA Demo - Watch it now!

Topic: Safer and faster composite processing using the NETZSCH DEA 288 Epsilon

NETZSCH-Webinar DEA Live-Demonstration

Details of the demo:

This demonstration measurement will highlight how your material cures and how to know when it is fully cured. A unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg of the SGL SIGRAPREG series will be measured with the NETZSCH DEA 288 Epsilon in the DEA lab press. The demo will show how the DEA sensor inside a mold offers maximum process safety as the user is able to follow the entire curing process from resin arrival to full cure. This in turn allows for process optimization and the shortening of processing times.

Details of the instrument used:

The NETZSCH DEA 288 Epsilon is an online-capable measurement system for in-mold and laboratory material characterization. This NETZSCH dielectric analyzer offers much higher sensitivity for material characterization than other instruments such as DSC or DMA and uniquely affords the ability to follow a material’s behavior inside a mold. The variety of available sensors offers high flexibility for all process applications. In combination with the lab press or the UV curing lamp, the DEA 288 Epsilon can be used for measurements during processing and is an ideal tool for material development as well. The associated NETZSCH Proteus software package is easy to handle, providing automatic data evaluation so users have no need to be experts in DEA.

DEA 288 Epsilon – Dielektrischer Analysator

Das flexible Design des DEA 288 Epsilon (einschließlich Ofen oder Laborpresse) erlaubt eine Vielzahl unterschiedlicher Testbedingungen. Variable Temperaturführungen und Untersuchungen von UV-induzierten Aushärtereaktionen sind mit einem System möglich. Dadurch kann der Anwender optimale Parameter für die Verarbeitung eines Materials einfach und bequem bestimmen.

Details of the material used for the demo:

The material used for this live demo is a carbon fiber prepreg of the SGL SIGRAPREG series unidirectional carbon fiber prepreg by SGL Carbon GmbH. It is characterized by its own resin formulation and fibers, excellent mechanical properties, low thermal expansion, good electrical conductivity and non-corrosive properties. The carbon fiber prepreg of the SGL SIGRAPREG series was developed for automotive and industrial applications to combine short production times with high mechanical performance.