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Importance of Rheology and COVID-19

The Kinexus is being used to assist in the development of a new treatment for COVID-19!
Dr. Merrill Goldenberg from GoldenBiotech LLC is hoping to provide some relief to those in critical conditions in hospital with COVID virus. During such uncertain and unnerving times, it is certainly pleasing to know that rheology is able to contribute to a solution.


Assessing Fire Hazard of Cladding Materials in Existing Buildings

The University of Queensland, in collaboration with the Non-Conforming Building Products (NCBP) Audit Taskforce in Queensland, Australia, have proposed a framework to provide a robust methodology to assess the fire hazard of cladding materials in existing buildings based on a thorough understanding of the relevant fire phenomena. Thermogravimetric Analysis enhances the robustness of the framework. Read here how the method is applied to evaluate the risk of external fire spread on buildings.



Novel Technique for Preparing Samples for Biomaterial Investigations

Alucent Biomedical Inc. is a biomedical company dedicated to developing its breakthrough Natural Vascular Scaffolding (NVS) technology for the treatment of vascular disease. Multiple sample preparation techniques were evaluated to investigate a method that could alleviate signal artifacts attributed to sample movement during heating. Learn how the sample is prepared to achieve accurate and reproducible thermograms for biological tissue.


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Kinexus DSR - A diverse analytical research solution for laboratory testing.

Kinexus lab+

Kinexus lab+ - Rotational rheometer for routine and Quality Control testing

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Rosand RH2000 - Bench top capillary rheometer for research to QC testing.

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Rosand RH7/10 - Robust research capillary rheometers for high force conditions.