22nd International Conference on Composite Materials

As the leading conference in the field of composite materials, ICCM provides a platform for presentations, discussions and exchange to all those who work with composites in their daily life.

NETZSCH as associate partner will present the DMA GABO EPLEXOR® up to ±500 N as well as the DEA 288 Ionic.

Don't miss the chance - visit our booth and find out more what NETZSCH can do for you!

DMA GABO EPLEXOR® Series up to 500 N

The testing instruments of the DMA GABO EPLEXOR® series up to ±500 N enable the dynamic mechanical (or static) characterization of a wide range of different materials including elastomers and polymers, composites, metals, glasses, ceramics, biomaterials and foods, adhesives, and liquids.

DEA 288 Ionic - Dielectric Analyzer

The multi-functional design of the DEA 288 Ionic allows for the application of a great variety of different test conditions such as heat, cold or UV light. This enables the user to easily and conveniently determine the best parameters for processing the material.