Fuel Cell & Hydrogen Technical Conference 2018

The University of Birmingham collaborates with Climate Change Solutions to run both the UK's leading Industry and Technical Hydrogen and Fuel Cell conferences back to back in 2018, on the 13 and 14 March at the NEC Gallery Suite.

The conference will cover topics including:

  • Fuel cell market introduction
  • Polymer electrolyte fuel cell development
  • Solid oxide fuel cell development
  • Fuel cell fuels production and storage
  • Fuel cell vehicles and stationary power


Gallery Suite
National Exhibition Center
Marston Green
Birmimgham B40 1NT

Conference Website

We will have the following instrument at our booth:

Multiple Module Calorimeter MMC 274 Nexus®

The MMC 274 Nexus® can be used in conjunction with the DSC and the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter where its special features better match the application. The MMC 274 Nexus® is used for measuring heats of reaction, reaction rates, endotherms, heat capacities, phase changes, gas generation rates and vapor pressures.