SKT 2018

Selber Kopplungstage 2018

7th Coupling Days on Hyphenated Techniques
"Thermal Analysis to Evolved Gas Analysis"

Join a Convergence of Experts in Thermal Analysis and Evolved Gas Analysis

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16 Oct – 18 Oct 2018 Selb Germany Register

45 Years of Tracking Gas Evolution Profiles by TGA/DSC Coupled to FT-IR, MS and GC-MS

The first coupling techniques for thermoanalytical instruments were introduced in the early 70s: Gas analyzers that operate continuously, such as mass spectrometers and FT-Infrared spectrometers, were coupled to instruments for thermal analysis, such as thermobalances, in order to analyze samples simultaneously. Growing interest and increasing demand drove the development of techniques that were more and more sophisticated. Today, these methods have achieved a solid foothold in industrial applications – including R&D, quality control and failure analysis – and have brought the applied sciences a great step forward.

The 7th Meeting of Specialists and Those Who Aspire to Become One

At the SKT, which takes place in Selb, Germany, such state-of-the-art coupling methods take center stage. Its name stemming from a German acronym that translates to “Coupling Days in Selb”, the SKT provides a unique platform for engaging discussions on cutting-edge coupling technology and the future of hyphenated techniques. As over 100 scientists from a range of diverse countries and backgrounds attended the last SKT, the upcoming 7th SKT in 2018 is certain to again attract a large group of both experts and novices for rounds of vibrant and compelling professional exchange.

A Meeting with Thermal and Gas Analysis Experts

The 7th Coupling Days on Hyphenated Techniques for Thermal Analysis to Evolved Gas Analysis provides a forum for scientists to present their latest research results specifically obtained by using thermal analysis coupled to mass spectrometry (MS), FT-Infrared spectroscopy (FT-IR), and/or mass spectrometry/gas chromatography (GC-MS). The Symposium will offer a platform for exchanging tips and tricks on sample preparation, experiments, and evaluation in lively discussions. The Coupling Days will provide food for thought to those participants who are not yet very familiar with hyphenated techniques.

Over 30 International Speakers Will Talk about Polymers, Energy Materials, Ceramics, etc.

Renowned speakers from all over the world will present a summary of the state of the art in coupling techniques and their applications in fields such as, e.g.:

  • Investigation of exhaust gas aftertreatment and hazardous combustion gases
  • Studies of new catalysts and energy materials
  • Additives for structural ceramics
  • Failure analysis of polymers
  • Identification of solvates and heterosolvates
  • Complex oxide bulk and nanophase materials
  • Characterization of graphene/silicon grafted composite materials
  • Thermal reaction of clay minerals
  • Evaluation of wastewater phosphate minerals
  • Characterization of reed pyrolysis
  • … and more