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How can I identify the active ingredients and excipients included in my product? - Substance Identification

Substances can be identified via Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC), Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA), additional Gas Analysis techniques and the NETZSCH Identify software.

Is the given substance really present in the desired modification? - Polymorphism

Crystalline polymorphic modifications each exhibit their own specific melting ranges, which can be easily detected by Differential Scanning Calorimetry.

What is the purity level of my substance? - Purity

The purity of substances containing eutectic impurities can be calculated based on Differential Scanning Calorimetry measurements. Residual solvents or other kinds of impurities can be detected by Thermogravimetric Analysis coupled with a gas analyzer.

Are there interactions between the different components of a given physical mixture? - Compatibility

In a compatible physical mixture, the DSC effects of the individual substances are not affected (= additive superposition). If the DSC curve of the mixture, however, shows additional/other effects, this is a sign for interactions between the components that often corresponds to a change in the TGA profile.

Up to which temperature range does my substance remain stable? - Thermal Stability

Thermogravimetric Analysis measures the mass change as a function of temperature or time. Therefore, it is possible to determine the temperature up to which the material remains stable. (Thermal stability = under inert conditions; oxidative stability = under oxidizing atmosphere.)

What is the shelf life of my substance? - Shelf Life Prediction

Storage conditions can affect the composition of substances. By combining Thermogravimetry with Kinetic Analysis, it is possible to predict the long-term thermal behavior of a material.

Additionally, by applying Multiple Mode Calorimetry, the potential for thermal runaway reactions in chemicals can be investigated.

Does the software meet the requirements? - Data Integrity

In regulated areas, software should handle data securely and traceably. The NETZSCH Proteus® software including Proteus® Protect ensures data integrity at a high level and meets the requirements of 21 CFR Part 11or EU Annex 11.

Exhibited Instruments

STA 449 F1 Jupiter®

With the STA 449 F1 Jupiter® NETZSCH is setting new standards. Unlimited configuration flexibility and unmatched performance are the foundations for a great variety of application possibilities in the fields of ceramics, metals, plastics, and composites over a broad temperature range (-150°C ... 2400°C).

DSC 214 Nevio

Studying Phase Transformations of Pharmaceuticals, Foods and Cosmetics by means of the DSC 214 Nevio ‒ the fastest heat-flux DSC instrument on the market.

NETZSCH Proteus® Software for Thermal Analysis

Integrated measuring and evaluation software for all instruments.

Multiple Module Calorimeter MMC 274 Nexus®

The MMC 274 Nexus® can be used in conjunction with the DSC and the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter where its special features better match the application. The MMC 274 Nexus® is used for measuring heats of reaction, reaction rates, endotherms, heat capacities, phase changes, gas generation rates and vapor pressures.

PERSEUS® TG 209 F1 Nevio with GC-MS-Coupling

Kinetics Neo


See the newest DSC 214 Nevio working

At the live demo at our booth we will show the determination of an active ingredient using our Identify Software.

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