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Determination of the Thermal Conductivity by Means of HFM

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01 Mar 2022 online Germany Register

For a long time, the thermal conductivity of insulation materials was of minor interest in the building industry. However, with the desire for more energy-efficient houses, even to the point of self-sufficient buildings, the need for accurate determination of the thermal conductivity of insulating materials arose. The most common instrument for this kind of application is the Heat Flow Meter (HFM).

This training session is mainly addressed to users of NETZSCH HFM instruments (other users are also welcome). The main aim of this session is to enable the participants to choose proper samples for this kind of analysis and evaluate their materials.


  • Sample dimensions
  • Measurement principle HFM
  • Influential factors (humidity, pressure)
  • Calibration
  • Starting a measurement
  • Presentation/export of acquired data
  • Questions and discussions

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