Enthalpy of Evaporation of Jet Fuels using HP-DSC

Wednesday, April 14, 2021 / 2:00 PM - 03:00 PM EST

The high-pressure differential scanning calorimeter (HPDSC) is well suited to the measurement of heat of vaporization (HOV) of these fuels at atmospheric pressure and the production of enthalpy curves, at various pressures. These data are used for the construction of master enthalpy diagrams.  
Enthalpy diagrams are used for determining the state of the fuel in the design of fuel systems for jet engines and their operability calculations. Different types of fuel injectors in engine main combustors and auxiliary power sources generate many different spray droplet sizes and in several different environments, and these master enthalpy diagrams curves help to determine vapor generation for ignition analysis. These curves provide a source of information when trying to understand what has happened in an aircraft accident and aftermath or a fuel spill and fire investigation. HOV is also used in the study of events where fuel vapor production is an important part of an analysis preceding fire initiation, such as in an observed tailpipe fire. 

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Dr. Steve Sauerbrunn

Center for Composite Materials (CCM), University of Delaware
Dr. Steve Sauerbrunn has worked in thermal analysis of polymers for 36 years. He has authored over 100 papers and two patents. He is well known in the thermal analysis community both domestically and internationally. Sauerbrunn is currently at the Center for Composite Materials (CCM) at the University of Delaware.  Sauerbrunn has worked for NATAS and ASTM in many roles. Sauerbrunn is very skilled in both the operation of these instruments and interpreting the results. He is also invaluable in advising and guiding researchers, both students and professional scientists, toward a successful result in their research.

Dr. Marc-Antoine Thermitus

Senior Applications Scientist , NETZSCH Instruments North America LLC

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