High Force DMA

High-Force DMA In dynamic-mechanical analysis (DMA), a test body with a defined geometry is usually subjected to a static load which is superimposed by a periodically changing mechanical load. By varying the frequency, temperature and load intensity, materials are characterized in terms of their dependency upon time, temperature and load. This allows for all visco-elastic properties to be determined from the material’s behavior.

For many applications in rubber technology, automotive engineering or aerospace technology, high levels of force often act on the components. High demands with regard to the reliability and safety of such components require that any investigations on the materials replicate true practice conditions as closely as possible. The spectrum of materials is generally very broad. On the one hand, such materials can be very stiff, have large dimensions, hardly deform and be capable of bearing high loads. At the other end of the spectrum are soft, damping materials which are also highly elastic and designed for high distension; for these, the visco-elastic properties must be characterized very precisely. This webinar gives a short introduction to the method of high-force DMA with the EPLEXOR system and its versatile adjustment options. The advantages of a high-force DMA with a maximum dynamic force of ± 6000 N will be presented with regard to non-linear material behavior. It will be shown that high-force DMA is useful not only for solids but also for soft materials such as rubber and elastomer composites.

Finally, there will be a discussion of the available add-ons additionally allowing for fatigue tests (under pressure), heat generation tests (heat build-up and blow-out), and rolling resistance tests. Key words: non-linear material behavior, high-force DMA, fatigue tests, HBU.

November 6, 2018

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09:00 AM (CET – Berlin) | 03:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA), English

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02:00 PM (CET – Berlin) | 08:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA), German

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05:00 PM (CET – Berlin) | 11:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA), English

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