Dielectric analysis – the method of choice for real-time composite process analytics

Part 3 - Composite Series

Sensor-based manufacturing is one of the key challenges for the automotive industry on its way to mid- and high-volume CFRP production. The aviation industry also needs sensor-based data to control and verify the manufacturing process aiming for high quality composite components. Dielectric analysis is the method of choice to qualify the curing process of a thermoset or the crystallization of a thermoplastic as well as the flow behavior of the resin. This webinar will introduce you to the measurement principle of dielectric analysis and focuses on solutions to reduce cycle times and scrap, and therefore costs in thermoset based CFRP manufacturing.

February 27, 2018

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09:00 AM (CET – Berlin) | 3:00 AM (EDT – Boston, MA) English

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2:00 PM (CET – Berlin) | 8:00 AM (EDT – Boston, MA) German

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5:00 PM (CET – Berlin) | 11:00 AM (EDT – Boston, MA) English

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