Efficient Quality Assurance on Insulating Materials as Part of CE Marking

As part of the CE marking of insulating materials, you – as a manufacturer – must state the nominal thermal conductivity value (λD). This value is based on a statistical thermal conductivity value applying to 90% of the output with a probability of 90% – called Lambda 90/90. Determination of the Lambda 90/90 is based on thermal conductivity measurements of random samples taken within the scope of factory production checks.

Our webinar demonstrates how you can design quality assurance processes to be as efficient as possible with the help of our HFM 446 series thermal conductivity testers. You will learn more about the basics and application possibilities of the measuring method as used for quality assurance in accordance with ISO 8301 and ASTM C518, and gain insight into our comprehensive documentation and reporting functions, which are intended to help you guarantee standardized quality assurance.

Furthermore, we will present you with an outlook of our ideas for the quality assurance of insulating materials in the future as well as the tools we intend to provide for you to this end.

September 20, 2018

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09:00 AM (CET – Berlin) | 03:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA), English

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02:00 PM (CET – Berlin) | 08:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA), German

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05:00 PM (CET – Berlin) | 11:00 AM (EST – Boston, MA), English

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