Alumina — Specific Heat Determination

Presented in the figure is a specific heat test result for a polycrystalline alumina sample between room temperature and 1600°C. Additionally shown are literature values for pure alumina. It can clearly be seen that there are no significant differences between the literature values and the test results. The maximum deviations are in the range of 2%, which demonstrates the outstanding performance of the DSC 404 F1 Pegasus®.

DSC 404 F1 Pegasus® – High-Temperature DSC

The NETZSCH DSC 404 F1 Pegasus®, High-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter, allows the determination of specific heat and caloric effects in a broad temperature range with outstanding reliability, best resolution and accuracy. The high vacuum tight design, various furnaces and sensors, easily interchangeable by the user, make the DSC 404 F1 Pegasus® to an ideal tool for DSC measurements at the highest level for research at universities and development tasks at the industrial sector.