Metals & Alloys

Specific heat capacities, coefficients of thermal expansion, melting and solidification temperatures or enthalpies, and characteristic thermal effects – also under corrosive conditions – are some of the areas of high interest in metallurgical applications.

Melting, crystallization, phase transitions and specific heat capacities are important chemical properties in metals and alloys that are measured by means of DSC or STA (simultaneous thermal analysis). Besides these, the influence of corrosion, oxidation or reduction as well as magnetic transitions and the thermal stability of materials can also be analyzed.

With dilatometers, the coefficient of thermal expansion can be precisely measured; DMA determines the modulus of elasticity and the damping values that are relevant in practice for components.

With LFA, the thermal diffusivity and conductivity – even of molten metals – can be investigated.

Metal Alloys — Melting Peaks
Thin and Highly Conductive Copper
Pure Copper — Thermal Diffusivity
Aluminum Alloy — Melting & Solidification
Melting Point Determination on Palladium
Steel Material — Phase Transitions
Iron — Thermal Expansion