Steel Material — Phase Transitions

Presented here are the transformation energetics of a steel (SAE 107). At 751°C, two phase transitions overlap each other. The increase in the heat flow rate up to 735°C is due to the Curie transition (change in the magnetic properties). A change in the crystal structure (bcc to fcc structure) is causing the major peak. The structural change is connected with an enthalpy change of 63 J/g. Melting was seen at 1367°C and occurred in two steps (peaks at 1395°C and 1471°C). The heat of fusion was 268 J/g. (measurement with DSC 404 F1 Pegasus®)

DSC 404 F1 Pegasus® – High-Temperature DSC

The NETZSCH DSC 404 F1 Pegasus®, High-Temperature Differential Scanning Calorimeter, allows the determination of specific heat and caloric effects in a broad temperature range with outstanding reliability, best resolution and accuracy. The high vacuum tight design, various furnaces and sensors, easily interchangeable by the user, make the DSC 404 F1 Pegasus® to an ideal tool for DSC measurements at the highest level for research at universities and development tasks at the industrial sector.