SBR Rubber Mixture — Dynamic-Mechanical Properties

The influence of frequency is demonstrated with the example of an SBR rubber mixture. As expected, with increasing frequency, the Tg (evaluated at 1 Hz) is shifted to a higher temperature and higher E' values are obtained (multi-frequency measurement in the dual cantilever bending at 2 K/min).

With a multi-frequency measurement, frequencies beyond the measurable range of the DMA can be achieved by using the superposition method. Employing the Williams-Landel-Ferry (WLF) equation, values such as E' and tanδ can be extrapolated to 100.000 Hz at a certain reference temperature (here -20°C). (measurment with DMA 242 E Artemis)

DMA 242 E Artemis

The robust construction of the DMA 242 E Artemis and the high resolution of the deformation measuring system enable precise measurements on both very rigid and very soft samples. The most varied of deformation types, digital signal filtering, kinetic evaluation and frequency extrapolation make the DMA 242 E Artemis to a real all-rounder in the force range up to 24 N.