Curing of a Large Body of Epoxy Resin
Algorithm of Kinetic Analysis
Sintering of AL2O3
Example 1: Simulated reaction of 2nd order of the type A + B -> C
Thermal Decomposition of Glucose
Algorithm of Thermal Simulations
Burnout of Polymeric Binder
Example 2: Dimerization of cyclopentadien
Vulcanization of Natural Rubber
Curing of Epoxy Resin
Example 3: Reaction of a monofunctional epoxy (Phenylglycid ether) with a primary, bi-functional amine (aniline)
Electro-deposition Paint
Thermal Explosion of Zoalene
Cross Linking of Powder Paint
Applications of Thermokinetics
Sinter Process Optimization - Si3N
Example 4: Hydrolyse of Melamin with NaOH
Aluminium Alloy