Speed-up your Sintering Process up to 60% - with KINETICS NEO and the Data from Thermal Analysis

Being able to design the firing process for ceramic components or new materials quickly and efficiently is a challenge for the process engineer. One tries to achieve the optimum result by means of lengthy test fires. Final fire programs are often long and not designed to the best.

To design your process to the best and get a final product form high quality and high mechanical strength, it is important to:

• Process your raw materials contamination-free
• Examine the burnout of the binder
• Determine Sintering Shrinkage
• Specify Thermal Conductivity

High mechanical strength of technical ceramics can only be achieved with finest structures without impurities and defects. Non-destructive hot-modulus is a new possibility to study the mechanical high-temperature behavior of finished parts.

Thermokinetic Simulation gives process engineers the opportunity to simulate BEFORE firing. KINETICS NEO makes thermokinetic simulation tangible for daily use in industry for the first time.

Together with Morgan Advanced Materials Haldenwanger GmbH we optimized the debinding and sintering process of HALFOAM ALUMINA ™ and saved over 50% time in their firing process.

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Sintering Process Optimization AS A SERVICE?

With NETZSCH, you have the opportunity to simulate and optimize your process as a service. Send us samples and get your digital model back! Make an appointment today for a first workshop.

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Our business field manager Alexander Frenzl wrote an Article on LinkedIn, where you can read further details. 

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