Multiple Mode Calorimetry (MMC)

The NETZSCH development team has created a totally new calorimeter system which can be used in commercial R&D, universities and research centers and QC/QA of various industries.

Like a DSC, the Multiple Module Calorimeter, MMC 274 Nexus®, measures chemical reactions, phase changes, and specific heat but on gram-size samples.

This allows for organic/inorganic multiphase mixtures/slurries testing. Like an ARC, it can run adiabatic tests necessary for process safety. The Multiple Module Calorimeter, MMC 274 Nexus®, successfully creates the synergy of two wellproven methods, DSC and ARC.

Ceramics and Glass Industries

  • What is the quartz content in the ceramic raw material?
  • How changes the reactivity of the nano material?
  • With what sintering rate can the best sinter density be achieved?
  • What hydrate phases does gypsum have under a saturated steam atmosphere?
  • At what temperature is the curing of the adhesive completed?
  • How high is the mass loss during the dehydration of the ceramic mass?

These or similar questions can be answered with our modern thermoanalytical measuring techniques. We have the ideal solution for your product development, quality assurance, and process optimization.

Find out more about the versatile application possibilities of our thermoanalytical measuring systems, the extensive accessory options we offer and our user-friendly software.

Take advantage of all the information contained in your measurements by employing our Advanced Software Packages.

Multiple Module Calorimeter MMC 274 Nexus®

The MMC 274 Nexus® can be used in conjunction with the DSC and the Accelerating Rate Calorimeter where its special features better match the application. The MMC 274 Nexus® is used for measuring heats of reaction, reaction rates, endotherms, heat capacities, phase changes, gas generation rates and vapor pressures.

High Temperature Coin Cell Module for MMC 274 Nexus®

The High Temperature Coin Cell Module is a new calorimeter for the MMC 274 Nexus® specially dedicated to coin cell battery studies. This DSC instrument can easily be coupled with a fully featured battery analyzer. The user can perform in-situ charge/discharge tests in isothermal mode to measure battery performance and efficiency. In temperature scanning mode, the user can study cell safety and decomposition thermodynamics and kinetics.