Complete package for routine QA/QC paving analysis

The Kinexus DSR-III forms part of a standard dynamic shear rheometer package to meet the demanding needs of research, product development, comparative benchmarking, quality control and assurance required by the global Asphalt / Bitumen Industry with true ‘plug and play’ functionality for all measuring systems and environmental control units. The Kinexus DSR-III enables pioneering Standard Operating Procedure (SOP) based testing while offering access to a full range of standard rheological tests with total flexibility of test design and set-up.

The Kinexus DSR-III incorporates technological innovations that enable optimal flexibility in rheological test capabilities and protocols.

  • Grade testing to industry standards such as AASHTO and EN specifications with Time-Temperature Superposition for master curve generation.  
  • Wide variety of measurement geometries optimized for rheological characterization of liquid binders through to solid asphalt cores.
  • All modes of rheological operation – stress control, shear rate control and direct strain controlled oscillation at demand strain amplitude for accurate control of sample strain history.
  • Unique rSpace software interface that offers total flexibility of test set-up - from sequence-driven Standard Operating Procedure (SOP)-type functionality to fully customizable test design.
  • Intelligent geometry recognition with full auto-configuration and user feedback on system status to guarantee robust data for all measurements.
  • Complete sample history from the point of loading onto the rheometer available in data file as standard – because ensuring reliable rheology data for complex materials like asphalt actually starts before a measurement takes place.
  • Exceptional vertical travel and gapping capabilities with ultra-responsive and highly sensitive normal force system for class-leading performance.
  • Unique ‘plug and play’ cartridge system for all temperature and environmental controllers – all mechanical, power, communication and fluid connections made in one simple action.
  • Multifunctional accessory design – plate cartridges with interchangeable lower plates and cylinder cartridges with interchangeable cups - for a cost-effective solution and widest application coverage.
Standards/ methods Kinexus DSR series
AASHTO T315 Compliant 
AASHTO T316 Compliant 
AASHTO T350 Compliant 
AASHTO TP70 Compliant 
AASHTO TP101 Compliant 
AASHTO TP123 Compliant 
AASHTO M320 SuperPave Compliant 
AASHTO M332 SuperPave 2 Compliant 
ASTM 6373 Compliant 
ASTM D4402 Compliant up to 200oC
ASTM D7175 Compliant 
ASTM D7405 Compliant 
ASTM D7552 Compliant 
ASTM D8189 Track Test Compliant 
ASTM DXXXX 4 mm Plate BBR Grade Compliant 
EN 14770 Compliant 
EN 13302 Compliant 
EN 13702 Compliant 
prEN 15324 Compliant 
prEN 15325 Compliant 
EN 16659 Compliant 

Key Technical Data

(subject to change)

  • Measurement:

    Rheology and viscoelasticity

  • Torque range:
    100nNm to 150mNm

  • Temperature range:
    -40°C to 350°C

  • Technology:
    Rheometry - rotational



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