NETZSCH Advanced Software

NETZSCH Thermal Analysis, leading worldwide in thermal analysis technologies, offers with Advanced Software a series of integrated programs for the analysis of thermoanalytical data.

Thermokinetics >

A comprehensive program for kinetic analysis of thermogravimetric (TGA), differential-scanning-calorimetric (DSC), rheometric, vulcametric and dynamic-mechanical analysis (DMA).

Component kinetics >

The Program is a software module for kinetic evaluation of measurements with reactions in homogeneous mixtures. The total process is presented as the sum of elementary reactions. The software determines the pre-exponential factor and activation energy for each elementary reaction and makes the prediction and optimization of the reaction behaviour for any temperature conditions and for any initial concentration of reactants, including the presence of solvent.

Thermal Simulations >

A program for simulation of the thermal behavior under conditions of both heat generation and heat conductivity. A finite element solution for simple geometries such as infinite plate, infinite cylinder and sphere is offered. The temperature dependence of cp, density and heat conductivity is taken into account.

Peak Separation >

This program allows the separation of overlapped peaks, using the profiles from the following peak types: Gaussian, Cauchy, Pseudo-Voigt (additive mixture of Gaussian and Cauchy), Fraser-Suzuki (asymmetric Gaussian), and Pearson.