Thermal Diffusivity and Thermal Conductivity


Thermal conductivity and diffusivity are the most important thermophysical material parameters for the description of the heat transport properties of a material or component. For the precise measurement of thermophysical properties like the thermal diffusivity, the Laser Flash technique (LFA) has proven itself as a fast, versatile and precise absolute method. NETZSCH offers four LFA models, covering the entire spectrum of materials and temperatures.

Based on an absolute measurement method, the GHP 456 Titan is the ideal instrument for the determination of thermal conductivity of insulations.

The thermal conductivity as another significant thermophysical property is determined by means of heat flow meters (HFM) with the plate method for insulators, and by means of the hot-wire method (TCT) for dielectric refractories.

NETZSCH instruments fulfill the respective instrument and application standards for LFA (e.g. ASTM E1461, DIN EN 821), for HFM (e.g. ASTM C518, ISO 8301, DIN EN 12667 EN 12, JIS A 1412, based on DIN EN 12664), for TCT (e.g. ISO 8894, ASTM C1113, EN 993-14/15, DIN 51046) and for GHP (ISO 8302, ASTM C177, DIN EN 12939, DIN EN 12667, DIN EN 13163)




LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® – Light Flash Apparatus

The LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® allows for accurate thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity measurements between RT and 1250°C with the smallest footprint on the market. The Ultra-fast sampling rate and extremely short pulse widths enable measurements of thin and highly conductive materials.

HFM 446 Lambda Small

The new HFM 446 Lambda Small features a standardized method for the measurement of thermal conductivity which is equally applicable in research and development and in quality assurance.

TCT 426 - Thermal Conductivity Tester: furnace/hot-wire method

The TCT 426 works according to the hot wire method and is especially designed for the investigation of refractory rock. The measuring cross, parallel wire, and T® methods can be used in the instrument. The TCT 426 is indispensable for the efficient use of energy in industrial kiln engineering with refractories.

LFA 467 HyperFlash® – Light Flash Apparatus

The new LFA 467 HyperFlash® features a wide temperature range, very high efficiency (with its sample changer for 16 samples), extremely fast data acquisition rates and an intelligent lens system (ZoomOptics) between the sample and detector.

HFM 446 Lambda Medium

The new HFM 446 Lambda Medium features a standardized method for the measurement of thermal conductivity which is equally applicable in research and development and in quality assurance.

LFA 427 - Laser Flash Apparatus / Pyrometer version for up to 2800°C

Outstanding attributes of the LFA 427 are high precision and reproducibility, short measuring times, variable sample holders and precisely adjustable atmosphere conditions in the application range from -120°C to 2800°C. The LFA 427 is the most powerful LFA system for use in research & development.

GHP 456 Titan®

Innovative Guarded Hot Plate System GHP 456 Titan® for Determination of Thermal Conductivity of Insulations

LFA 457 MicroFlash® - Laser Flash Apparatus

The LFA 457 MicroFlash® is the most modern product for the determination of the two thermophysical properties, thermal diffusivity and conductivity, in the range from -125°C to 1100°C. Its compact, vacuum-tight construction, automatic sample changer and functional software guarantee the highest effectiveness for challenging materials testing.

NanoTR/PicoTR – Thermoreflectance

The innovative Thermoreflectance instruments provided by NETZSCH offer state-of-the-art thermophysical properties testing down into the Nanometer range.