NEW VERSION AVAILABLE: The Handbook "DSC on Polymers"

2nd corrected edition

Knowledge Compact – The Handbook "DSC on Polymers" – Essential for the Analysis of Plastics, Rubber or Resins

The handbook DSC on Polymers provides you quickly and competently with helpful tips to enable you to carry out measurements on thermoplastics, elastomers, thermoplastic elastomers or thermosets and interpret the results. For 64 polymers, we have compiled measuring plots, measurement parameters, interpretation of the results and general material properties. Also chemical structures (if available), processing possibilities and application ranges, all of which are presented in a clearly structured and practice-oriented overview.  

The introductory chapters offer an easy-to-understand introduction to DSC (including special measuring techniques such as temperature-modulated DSC, OIT, specific heat), lists national and international standards important for DSC measurements and describe their recommendations for the evaluation of polymer measurements.   The DSC handbook is available in German and English. Reserve your personal copy today.

Handbook "Thermal Properties of Ceramics"

covering a wide range of ceramic applications

  • Binder burnout
  • Thermal shrinkage and expansion
  • Thermal conductivity
  • Phase changes
  • Rate controlled sintering
  • Kinetic simulation of sintering processes

Libros de aplicaciones NETZSCH

Décadas de experiencia práctica en mediciones y evaluaciones – parcialmente en colaboración con expertos internacionales- se han incorporado en los diferentes libros de aplicaciones NETZSCH.

Aproveche estas importantes fuentes de información en su trabajo cotidiano; realice hoy el pedido de literatura técnica de su interés.

NETZSCH Annual 2000, Thermoanalytical Characterization of Pharmaceuticals
(NETZSCH Anual 2000, Caracterización Termoanalítica de los TA Farmacéuticos para la Ingeniería Polimérica)

TA for Polymer Engineering, NETZSCH Annuals for Science and Practice (Annual volumes I - III)
(Asistencia técnica para Ingeniería de polímeros, Anuarios NETZSCH para Ciencia y Práctica (Volúmenes anuales I – III))

Focus on: Thermal Analysis for Polymers
(Centrado en: Análisis Térmico para Polímeros)

Focus on: Thermal Analysis for Paints (only available in German)
(Centrado en: Análisis Térmico para las Pinturas)

Coupling of Thermal Analysis and Gas Analysis, Techniques and Applications (TA-MS, TA-FT-IR)
(Acoplamiento del Análisis Térmico y del Análisis de Gas, Técnicas y Aplicaciones (TA-MS, TA-FT-IR))

Ceramic Handbook
(Manual de Cerámica)