Overview of the upcoming Webinars

Date Topic Language
May 1 - July 31 On demand - 캐필러리 레올로지(Capillary Rheology) Korean
June 1 - August 31 On demand - 배터리 슬러리의 유변학적 분석(Rheology of Battery Slurries) Korean
August 1 - October 31 On demand - Kinexus 를 이용한 유변학 기초 이론 및 응용 (Technique of a rotational Rheometer with KINEXUS) Korean
July 21 Kinexus Rheometers and rSpace 2.0 - Making solid rheology results easy / Kinexus Rheometer und rSpace 2.0 – fundierte Messergebnisse leicht gemacht English / German
July 22 NETZSCH interviews AM Experts: Digital Light Synthesis of UV-Curable Materials English
July 22

Détermination d’un seuil d’écoulement

July 27 The evolution of the laser flash method for bulk materials English
July 29 A practical overview of the methods of yield stress determination using a Kinexus rotational rheometer English
August 2021 레오미터를 이용한 유변학 분석 기술
Rheometer technique of rotation Rheometer with KINEXUS
September 28 Introduction to TGA Theory and Data Analysis English
September 30 NETZSCH interviews AM Experts: UV-Curable Resins: Using FT-IR Spectroscopy to Study Their Cure English
October 28 NETZSCH interviews AM Experts: Material Jetting (MJ, DOD): Additive Manufacturing of Silicones  English
November 18

NETZSCH interviews AM Experts: Composite Additive Manufacturing

October 2021 IBC, MMC를 이용한 배터리 측정
Battery application – MMC, IBC
December 2021 캐필러리 레오미터를 이용한 유변학 분석 기술
Rheometer technique of capillary Rheometer with ROSAND Rheometer
February 2022 EGA(Evolved Gas Analysis)를 이용한 TGA, STA 분석 기술
TGA and STA techniques with EGA application
April 2022 High force DMA를 이용한 고분자, 고무 소재의 DMA 측정 기술
DMA technique for polymer, rubber and high force materials

More dates and topics in 2021 will follow soon. Stay tuned!