Rheology of Battery Slurries

In this webinar we will give a short overview of the benefits of rheological analysis, emphasising the significance over viscometer testing, of battery slurries.
Initially, general rheology results will be put into context with then specific discussion of the characterisation of LIB (lithium ion battery) slurries; an important intermediate step in manufacturing anodes and cathodes. This will detail the different rheological characteristics needed for the different processes and conditions that these slurries must be used under. The careful and delicate balance of contrasting properties will be considered – and hence material measurement needs – for stability, screen printing performance pre, post and during coating.

Thursday: April 30, 2020

Time / Language

10:00 AM (CEST – Berlin) | 04:00 AM (EDT – Boston, MA), English

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02:00 PM (CEST – Berlin) | 08:00 AM (EDT – Boston, MA), German

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05:00 PM (CEST – Berlin) | 11:00 AM (EDT – Boston, MA), English

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