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Key Thermal Analysis Techniques for Battery Material Development and Testing

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The requirements for portable, rechargeable energy sources are demanding.  New and innovative battery materials are required to support the broadening role rechargeable cells play in our everyday life.  Thermal Analysis techniques such as Differential Scanning Calorimetry (DSC) and Thermogravimetric Analysis (TGA) are fundamental aids in designing materials for high performance and safety.  There are also other techniques and tools which can be used to measure thermo-physical properties to characterize materials and support model development. 

This webcast focuses on classical and new thermal analysis techniques which are used in battery material development with some attention paid to the specific challenges of working with battery materials.

Improving Battery Safety with Calorimetry

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Light-weight, high power density cells have dramatically changed the technology landscape over the last 20 years.  In particular, Li-Ion cells have taken a leading role in providing the portable power necessary for these technologies. These same Li-ion cells have also been a source of many well documented  “thermal runaway” events. The cost of these events have been dramatic for both cell manufacturer and their added-value partners. Adiabatic calorimetry has been the tool most often used to characterize cells and measure thermal runaway.

This webcast focuses on adiabatic calorimetry, its strengths and limitations, and its application to small and large cells and packs. 

Calorimetric Performance Measurements for Rechargeable Cells

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Improving efficiency and lifetime of cells used xEV, storage or portable power applications in varying environments is one key to market success. Battery performance is both load and temperature dependent. Battery inefficiency results in the production of heat. Calorimetry can be used to measure this heat, and thus the efficiency directly, at varying conditions, charge/discharge rates and at different SOCs. 

This webcast focuses on how to effectively measure and analyze battery performance of coin cells up to large format cells using calorimetric tools.