FRG – Structural Cohesion Tester

Testing system with two burners according to DIN EN 520 for determining the structural cohesion of gypsum products at high temperatures

Compact design and the use of high quality materials guarantee an extended product life and reduce wear and tear of the FRG system as well as cleaning and maintenance efforts, increase safety and make daily work at the laboratory much easier.

Features at a Glance

  • Aluminum base plate with holders for burners, thermocouples, gas pressure controller,  sample holder and adjustable feet for stable footing
  • Bracket holder for clamping the sample, horizontally adjustable for easy change of sample
  • 2 horizontally arranged  Meker Propane burners with fine regulation valve for adjusting the flames, facing each other
  • 2 NiCrNi mantle thermocouples type K for measuring flame temperature
  • 3 gauges for sample height, for height of the weights and for distance between burners
  • 3 weights: 250 g, 300 g and 350 g
  • digital temperature measuring device with numeric LCD display, keyboard and memory for 100 measuring values