AABC Europe 2018

Visit us at our booth in Hall 31, booth 32 to learn more about the possibilities of thermal analysis in the battery industry. Our experts will answer all your questions.

Each year, AABC Europe brings together a global audience of chief battery technologists from leading automotive OEMs and their key suppliers to present development trends, share breakthrough technologies, and project the scope of the market for years to come. The expanded program for 2018 offers more in-depth coverage on the research and development of the chemistries and materials behind the next generation of electric vehicle batteries, and introduces new sessions on charging and infrastructure, while continuing to feature applied technologies in hybrid and electric cars, buses, bikes and more.


Congress Centrum Mainz
Rheinstraße 66
55116 Mainz, Germany

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We will have the following instrument at our booth:

Calorimetro Multi Modulare - Multiple Module Calorimeter MMC 274 Nexus®

L’MMC 274 Nexus® può essere impiegato in combinazione con la DSC e la Calorimetria Adiabatica di Reazione, poiché capace, con le sue caratteristiche speciali, di soddisfare più applicazioni richieste. L’MMC 274 Nexus® è ideale per misurare il calore e le velocità di reazione, i processi endotermici, la capacità termica, le transizioni di fase, la velocità di produzione di specie gassose e le relative pressioni