Extruded Polystyrene Foam (XPS)

This material has air inclusions, which gives it moderate flexibility, a low density, and a low thermal conductivity. XPS has a well established reputation for longterm reliability and superior resistance to the elemental forces of nature. A 50 mm Styrodur® C board was measured between -150°C and 20°C with the GHP 456 Titan®. Good agreement with literature values was observed at RT.

Low-temperature measurement on Styrodur® C with the GHP 456 Titan®Low-temperature measurement on Styrodur® C with the GHP 456 Titan®
GHP 456 Titan®, per la determinazione della conduttività termica

Innovativo Sistema a Piastra Calda con Anello di Guardia GHP 456 Titan® per la Determinazione della Conduttività Termica negli Isolanti