The Intelligent Universal Flexometer

Accurate measurements of Heat Build-up or Blow out processes and the determination of the thermal set can be realised by our GABOMETER® system – a development based on the established Goodrich Flexometer.

Both, force and elongation controlled tests can be carried out with this modern type of Flexometer. The GABOMETER® is suitable to improve the thermal dissipation and the durability of semi-finished tire components, dampers or absorbers.

Additionally, the new generation provides the measurement of the material stiffness (E modulus, tan δ - option) and damping.

Your Advantages

Your Advantages

  • Heat build-up and blow out tests according to Goodrich (DIN 53 533, ASTM D 623, ISO 4666/3,ISO 4666/4, BS 903 part A50 and JIS K 6265)
  • Goodrich flexometer tests
  • Static: strain or stress controlled load mode available
  • Dynamic: strain or stress controlled load mode available
  • Wide frequency range (option)
  • Wide temperature range (option)
  • Automatic Sample Changer (ASC) for fully automatic testing (24h) (option)
  • Simultaneous measurement of the visco-elastic properties (option)
  • Visco-elastic properties in DMTS/DMA mode (option)
  • Hysteresis analysis (option)
  • Pulse load mode available (option)
Key Technical Data

Key Technical Data

(subject to change)

  • Frequency range:
    30 Hz
    0.5 up to 50 Hz continuously (option, depending on model)
  • Static Strain Range:
    up to 60 mm
  • Dynamic Strain Range:
    ± 1.5 mm
    (optional up to ± 10 mm)
  • Force Range:
    up to 2500 N
  • Temperature Range:
    RT up to 300°C
  • Test Specimen size:
    Diameter: up to 30 mm (optional < 40 mm), depending on model
    Length: 25 mm


Sample Holder

Pair of insulated compression sample holders aimed for Flexometer tests equipped with a contact thermocouple for recording the sample temperature on the surface of the test specimen during Heat Build-up tests.

Recording of the sample “centre” temperature within the core of the test specimen during heat build-up tests with a needle type thermocouple (horizontal operation) manual mode (Option).

Automatic recording of the sample “centre” temperature within the core of the test specimen after heat build-up tests with a needle type thermocouple (vertical operation) driven by a pneumatic penetration system automatic mode (Option).

Special Compression Sample Holder

Automatic Sample Changer

Compression magazine for up to 50 compression testing specimens. A robot grip system takes the samples from the magazine and feeds the GABOMETER®.

Automatic Sample Changer


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