Cordierite Ceramic — Firing

Cordierite is a popular magnesia-alumina-silica ceramic used in various kinds of industrial applications. It is used, for example, as a carrier for catalysts in the automotive industry. During the production of this ceramic, various raw materials are ground and mixed to form a green body. During firing under oxidizing atmospheres, the organic additives are burned out and the cordierite phase is formed at high temperatures. Using the DIL 402 PC in combination with the c-DTA® software, the production process can be analyzed in detail. 

DIL 402 PC - 横型押し棒式熱膨張計

DIL 402 PC は、セラミック、ガラス、金属試料のルーチン測定に適した汎用熱膨張計で、通常要求される感度、キャリブレーション能力、精度、試料雰囲気を備えています。操作が簡単で、工場の品質管理に最適の装置です。