Glass — Thermal Expansion, Glass Transition, Softening

Coefficients of thermal expansion (CTE), glass transition temperatures and softening points are crucial parameters for the characterization of glass materials. Presented in the figure are three tests on the same type of glass but from different batches. It can clearly be seen that the coefficients of thermal expansion are in good agreement within the instrument’s uncertainty boundaries. The glass transition temperature and the softening point of sample #3 (blue curve) show slightly lower values, indicating a slightly different composition. (measurement with DIL 402 PC)

DIL 402 Expedis Classic

新しい熱膨張計DIL 402 Expedis Classicは、最先端の熱膨張計技術を提供し、広範囲かつ高度なアプリケーションに対応します。DIL Expedisシリーズと同様に、Classicバージョンは新技術NanoEye 測定セルに特徴が有ります。

DIL 402 Expedis Select & Supreme

新しい熱膨張計DIL 402 Expedis Select 及びSupreme は、最先端の熱膨張計技術を提供し、広範囲かつ高度なアプリケーションに対応します。DIL Expedisシリーズと同様に、Classicバージョンは新技術NanoEye 測定セルに特徴が有ります。