Phosphate Glass Powder — Glass Transition, Structural Change, Specific Heat

A fine grained phosphate glass powder was measured between room temperature and 1100°C. Typical for such glass types, the glass transition was measured at 483°C (midpoint). At 632°C, an exothermal effect was obtained. This effect is most probably caused by structural changes in the material and/or agglomeration of the powder particles above the softening point. The large surface of the powder is reduced causing a slight energy release. The energy release superimposes the true specific heat values between 600°C and 900°C. (measurement with DSC 404 F3 Pegasus®)

DSC 404 F3 Pegasus® – 高温 DSC

新しい高温示差走査熱量計 DSC 404 F3 Pegasus® は、品質管理や材料開発のすべてのDSC、DTA測定に 幅広く対応します。 加熱炉とDSC/DTAセンサーは、広い温度範囲 (-150...2000°C)に対応できます。 コストパーフォーマンスに優れ、高い拡張機能は、幅広い測定を可能にします。