Silicon Nitride — Thermal Expansion

Because of its excellent thermal and mechanical properties, silicon nitride is used more and more for high-tech applications (e.g. valves in automobile engines). Of course, the properties of the final parts are heavily influenced by the production/sintering process. Depicted in this figure is the thermal expansion of a silicon nitride green body. The sintering step starting at 1201°C is due to the influence of the sintering additives. The main shrinkage step occured at 1424°C (extrapolated onset). The effect above 1760°C is most probably due to evaporation of additives. (measurement with DIL 402 C)

DIL 402 C – 真空タイト・横型押し棒式熱膨張計

測定部に低膨張インバー材を採用し、高感度差動トランス、総合的熱安定性を備える真空タイト- 横型プッシュロッド熱膨張計は、高い精度、高い再現性、長時間の熱安定性を実現 – 研究開発に最適の装置です.