Nanoporous Insulation — Thermal Conductivity

How does a measurement in a heat flow meter compare to measurements with other standardized techniques such as guarded hot plate (GHP). As part of a Round Robin Test, a nanoporous insulation board was measured with different NETZSCH heat flow meters as well as with a guarded hot plate system (absolute measurement technique). The results obtained by the different instruments are in agreement within 2.5% in the overlapping temperature range. This clearly demonstrates the outstanding performance of the HFM 436 Series instruments.

HFM 436 Lambda – ヒートフローメーター

ヒートフローメーターHFM 436 Lambdaは、大型の板状フォーム断熱材の熱伝導率を、固定あるいは調整された 温度勾配で測定されます。内臓 PC あるいは外付けPCが、短い補償時間の後、正確な測定データを出力します。