Thermal Expansion of PUR Foams

PUR foam exhibits an insignificant level of anisotropic behavior which is shown by the dilatometer measurement. The CTE values are nearly the same in the y- and z-directions between -160°C and 100°C. An additional measurement was performed in each direction; the results also demonstrate the excellent reproducibility of the dilatometer DIL 402 C.

Thermal expansion and CTE values of PUR foamThermal expansion and CTE values of PUR foam
DIL 402 C – 真空タイト・横型押し棒式熱膨張計

測定部に低膨張インバー材を採用し、高感度差動トランス、総合的熱安定性を備える真空タイト- 横型プッシュロッド熱膨張計は、高い精度、高い再現性、長時間の熱安定性を実現 – 研究開発に最適の装置です.