Pure Copper – Thermal Diffusivity

The thermal diffusivity of pure copper was measured for both the heating and cooling cycles. The large change in the thermal diffusivity at approximately 1080°C is due primarily to the change in the electronic component of the thermal conductivity upon melting or solidification. The fact that there is almost no difference in the thermal diffusivity values between the heating and cooling cycles indicates that no significant micorstructural changes occured. The measured values of the thermal diffusivity for both the solid and liquid regions deviated from those found in the literature by less than 2.5%. Note that the change in thermal diffusivity provides a good temperature calibration point for the LFA (melting point of pure copper = 1083°C). (measurement with LFA 427)

LFA 427 - レーザーフラッシュアナライザー / 赤外線放射温度計タイプ ~2800°C

LFA 427 の優れた特質は、-120°C ~ 2800°C の測定範囲で、高精度で再現性が高く、測定時間が短く、色々な試料ホルダーが使え、雰囲気を精密に調整できることにあります。LFA 427 は、研究開発用の最強の LFA システムです。