Small but hot

LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® – Accurate thermal diffusivity and thermal conductivity measurements between RT and 1500°C with smallest footprint on the market.

Every nanometer counts

DIL 402 Expedis – Dilatometry redefined with revolutionary NanoEye measuring cell.

Plug and measure

The new SBA 458 Nemesis® – the perfect instrument for simultaneous measurement of Seebeck coefficient and electrical conductivity.

The new LFA 467 HT HyperFlash® features a wide temperature range, very high efficiency (with its sample changer for 4 samples), extremely fast data acquisition rates and an intelligent lens system (ZoomOptics) between the sample and detector.

The new dilatometer series DIL 402 Expedis offer state-of-the-art dilatometer technology, feature the revolutionary NanoEye measuring cell and have a new dimension in measuring range and accuracy.

新しいSBA 458 Nemesis® は、ゼ―ベック係数と電気伝導率を同時測定できる分析装置です。熱電対位置及び接触状態が常に均一で、安定した測定が可能です。色々な試料形状の測定が可能で、試料交換には治具は必要ありません。