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Optimize the Curing of Composites with Kinetics Neo

BLACKS Composites Srl and NETZSCH Analyzing & Testing made the next milestone in its already proven Partnership: Improving the curing of a bike rim with a simultaneous drastic reduction of the cycle time during cross-linkage.


Optimize the Curing of Composites with Kinetics Neo

How Compression Can Influence the Modification of Caffeine

Caffeine is used in association with active ingredients that induce sleepiness because it stimulates the central nervous system. Characterization of the present modification can quickly and easily be made by means of only one DSC heating run.


JEC 2019: Kistler and NETZSCH showcase their collaboration

Real-time monitoring of Infiltration and Curing.
NETZSCH and KISTLER cooperate to provide the best solutions for your plastic composites processing.


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Failure analysis of injection moulded parts


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Composites Part 1 How kinetic simulation can improve your thermosetting curing process
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Featured NETZSCH Instruments

HFM 446 Lambda Series

The new HFM 446 Lambda Series features a standardized method for the measurement of thermal conductivity which is equally applicable in research and development and in quality assurance.

DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®

매우 높은 감도와 재현성을 원하시는 분들을 위한 프리미엄 DSC로서 Automatic Sample Changer (ASC), Temperature Modulated DSC, baseline 최적화 장치 (BeFlat®), DSC-correction, 추가적으로 Photo-calorymetry를 위한 UV-장착, QMS와 FTIR과의 coupling이 가능한 프리미엄 DSC를 이 장비를 통해 경험할 수 있습니다.

DMA EPLEXOR® High-Temperature Series up to 500 N

The EPLEXOR® HT series by NETZSCH GABO is the only DMA/DMTA instrument line on market for measurements up to 1500°C.

DEA 288 Ionic – 유전율 분석 장비

DEA 288 Ionic 는 가열, 냉각, 습도 또는 UV와 같은 테스트 조건 하에서 폭 넓은 응용분야에 적용될 수 있도록 설계되었습니다. 이러한 이점을 통해 공정 과정에서의 최적의 조건을 빠르고 쉽게 결정할 수 있습니다