The leading annual event for the advanced ceramics and glass supply chain

The whole world of ceramics and glass get together at Ceramics Expo in Cleveland.

No matter whether engineers, decision maker or end user - the Ceramics Expo is the perfect platform for getting together and to share experiences about challenges and opportunities in the ceramics industry.

Our product specialists await you at booth no. 100 and look forward to interesting discussions about the exhibited instruments DIL 402 Expedis Select and STA 449 F5 Jupiter®.

DIL 402 Expedis Select & Supreme

The new dilatometer DIL 402 Expedis Select and Supreme offer state-of-the-art dilatometer technology and are designed for a wide range of sophisticated applications. All instruments of the DIL Expedis series feature the revolutionary NanoEye measuring cell; a new dimension in measuring range and accuracy.

STA 449 F5 Jupiter®

The STA 449 F5 Jupiter® is a truly sophisticated instrument with two true measurement techniques (DSC and TGA), easily expandable capabilities, accessories for evolved gas analysis and a complete software package all for a very attractive price.