rSpace Software

Experience the Ultimate in Test Flexibility with Sequence-Driven Rheometer Control


  • Predefined and customized standard operating procedures (SOP) known as rSpace sequences
  • rSpace sequences allow for full flexibility throughout the experiment to analysis and reports
  • Combining plug-and-play and the capability of fulfilling most demanding personalized needs: 

Intuitive plug-and-play

  • Predefined sequences meet the needs of QC and industrial users

  • Interactive design of the sequences guides the user through the experiment

  • Broadest range of compliant tests for asphalt binder rheology, e.g. according to AASHTO

  • Report design and export for consistent and convenient documentation

  • The Rheology Toolkit, a series of fundamental rheological tests, allows for simple customized testing. Benefit from predefined charts, predefined tables and analysis

  • rFinder guides you to the relevant sequences and application notes

Individual and flexible

  • Extensive rheological knowledge comes with rSpace: application notes, explanations on the rheological background of sequences. Simply accessible through the rFinder 

  • Research-oriented measurement methods can build from scratch with the help of sophisticated actions

  • rSpace allows you to read out even raw data from your Kinexus

  • Import and export of data for analysis

  • rSpace as a versatile tool for comprehensive rheological studies: it is also suitable for the processing of external data

Chocolate - Casson analysis
Chocolate - viscosity curve

Current rSpace version:

rSpace 1.76

Compatible with the following devices: Ultra+, Pro+, Lab+, DSR+, DSR-III, DSR, DSR-E