This year, the Advanced Engineering Show covers six different topics:
Aerospace, Composites, Automotive, Performance Metals, Nuclear and Connected Manufacturing.

Boost your process with solutions from NETSCH Analyzing & Testing and visit our booth N103 to see our DSC 204 F1 Phoenix, the absolutely essential device for material characterization in your lab.


Don't miss the lecture from Dr. Alexander Chaloupka on Wednesday, October 31st at 11 o'clock in the Composites Engineering Forum: "In-mold Process Analytics - the Next Step for Intelligent and Robust Composite Manufacturing"

DSC 204 F1 Phoenix®

Very high sensitivity and resolution can be realized with this premium Differential Scanning Calorimeter (DSC), which also features an automatic sample changer (ASC), temperature modulation (TM-DSC), baseline optimization (BeFlat®), correction of thermal resistance and time constants (DSC-correction), even coupling to QMS and FTIR as well as UV-extension for photo-calorimetry.