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Versatile Options with Evolved Gas Analysis

presented by Dr. Carolin Fischer, Applications Laboratory

Evolved gas analysis offers a great variety of possibilities to solve questions from the field of polymer, inorganics and pharma. FT-IR, MS and GC-MS technique in combination with thermal analysis enables the identification and quantification of evolved gases. Hyphenation is an important tool for better process understanding, the prevention of safety issues and investigations of thermal stability.

Testing and Predicting the Stability of Pharmaceuticals using Thermal Analysis and Rheology

presented by Dr. Gabriele Kaiser, Business Field Manager Pharma, Cosmetics, Food

Based on thermogravimetric measurements on solids in combination with kinetic evaluation, long-term predictions can be calculated, even for different geographical temperature conditions. The shelf life of emulsions can be analyzed by using oscillatory shear experiments on a rotational rheometer. The results can be related to structural changes in the mechanical properties of emulsions.